Monday, February 19, 2007

Best CNY... off to Sisters Island!

Great to join Beachfleas and wildfilms, and most imptly Dr Dan and his students dropped by to visit our beautiful shore at Sisters! That place is really rich and we've had a lot of fun. Though the trip started off wet due to the rain, thank God it stopped and time passed super fast soon after that. After the sun sets and the whole place darkens, all the creatures started appearing! Immediately, we saw a huge octopus, followed by many stuffs. The fascinating one is caught in the act eel eating a baby octopus!

Thanks Ria for the dream-come-true cold 100 plus and curry puffs. Let the photos do the talking while I go bathe now and sleep soon. Haha. The photos below are from my handphone, better ones with Siyang and Ria's wildfilm blogs. A memorable trip! Hope for more.

Corals galore

All the living stuffs we are greeting CNY with

Stunning sceneries, not those concrete jungle kind of stuffs.

Thats me! Thks Siyang for the shot.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bukit Timah NR Field trip

Had a field trip for GE2220, Coastal and Terrestrial Environment aka Geomorphology module last sat. Very interesting morning with Dr Wang and Lim Han She. Dr Wang didnt forget to advertise for her ecosystem module along the way by introducing us to the different interesting facts of our mother nature. The rocks and landforms are also great to learn because I would not even bother to realize so much about these stuffs myself. Eye opening.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Team Seagrass @ Tuas

Last Thurs I was with Team Seagrass to Tuas shore which is in front of Schering Plough. The staffs of Schering Plough has volunteered to help monitor the seagrass there and we had an orientation. Tuas is nice though we couldnt get over to Merawang beacon where the best of corals and sea fans are found. Here are some photos to share.

Collage photos from Dickson! Haha, cos the camera with me was battery flat.

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