Tuesday, April 17, 2007

White-Marked Tussock Moth

I saw the caterpillar of White-Marked Tussock Moth at one of NUS bus stop just now. Feeling fascinated, decided to post it and share. I've lost my hp thus no chance to take a photo. Instead, took the photo from internet. It's been a long time I saw such beautiful caterpillar!

Taken from http://dm93.org/2003-08road-trip/0308road-trip-Pages/Image9.html

Taken from http://www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/abbot/part_5.html

Monday, April 2, 2007

Nested Beauty!

Thanks to Siyang for disclosing the locations for these beauties and for trusting me... here are some gems to share from NUS Science.

An oriental white eye

The female pink-necked green pigeon. I saw the male one today. The male one explain's its name with pink neck. They are REALLY beautiful.. have been longing to see them.Finally!

Youtube video which I uploaded with some movements of the pink neck green pigeon. If u notice well, there are eggs!! (Just uploaded as I've posted, so will be available in a while)

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