Thursday, June 14, 2007

Changi wonders

Changi has one of the best wonders you can find in mainland Singapore. Too bad, with the poaching going on, we have already lost quite a deal of our biodiversity. Nevertheless, we are still heartened and excited to see so much life teeming about in this shore in just less than 2 hours. Thanks to Andy for fetching me to and fro and saving me the exorbitant cab fares. Really appreciate it.

The first creature that greeting morning was this moon crab (Matuta lunaris), which I later realized they are more everywhere! Wow, they are at full force at night.

Residents of changi beach include sea pencil. These sea pencils are really plenty, which I only saw one or two in my previous trip. Another is a sea cucumber. Is it a ball sea cucumber? Prowling for button shells are the common moon snails (Polinices sp.), with a large foot leaving a huge trail. And we caught the spiral melongena laying the egg cases which in one case has more eggs.
Here we find a prawn with colourful peacock tails and a hermit crab in a Gong gong shell.
A flat sole fish found by Andy. First time seeing them alive! Another fish should be a flathead. As for what kind still unknown.
More fishy business! Including a school of catfishes, scorpionfish, green pipefish, and an unknown fish. (update from Ria, The unknown fish is a rabbitfish).
An anemone shrimp found, so beautiful.
Here are the echinoderms! Salmacis sea urchin are quite common now. More are the sand star (Astropecten sp.), sand dollar and the brittlestar (with a crab accompanying for the model shoot).
Quite a few geographic sea hare (Syphonota geographica) were also spotted. They do look like hares dont they? Cute!
This noble volute was quite fat and juicy. Glad to see them in Changi. (updated: Ria commented that this volute was probably eating something).
How can we forget the peacock anemone of such grace and beauty? (update from Ria, It's a swimming anemone)
I guess the highlight of the day must be this hermit crab carrying a peacock anemone on its shell. Really a first time seeing it and its really amazing how the living creatures interact.
We head to Changi Village for breakfast and found this baby bat that couldn't fly well. We were worried they will be eaten by the big dogs around thus we tried to send it to a safer place.

Just not far where we ate, a red tub was spotted with many puppies! Wow, look at their cute and innocent faces. I wish I could own one.

And here are Andy's nieces truly enjoying the company of these puppies. Hope these puppies will return to their owner or find a good one.
Today's predawn trip was done and finished before the sun even rises. And it rose when I reached home. Haha.


TS said...

Wakao!!! Thats really an amazing trip man. O_O

Unknown said...

wish you were here siyang.

All the best to ur project prep

kungfubunny said...

great post! i absolutely adored the sea hares, they were so fat and cuddly!

Unknown said...

I agree, Liana. I bet you had a great time that morning didnt u?

Hope to see u soon another time!

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