Sunday, November 4, 2007

Team Seagrass at Clean and Green Jamboree

Team Seagrass was part of the Clean and Green Jamboree at Bishan Park! And this is our booth with Nor Aishah and Siti!

What were at the booth? We shared with the public our equipments, photos, slides, posters...

And this is the new poster that was done up. And from a quick glance, was glad to see an addition of Sungei Buloh to where one can find the "tiger seagrass" or Halophila beccarii.

Ron also dropped by and ended up sharing more about his experiences with interested people. Dickson was here to take over as I had to leave. It was quite fun to set up a booth with Aishah and talk to people ranging from the very young children to the adults. I always find in a point that educating the young people is the most important agenda for them to realize Singapore's natural heritage and our lush seagrass beds, as they live in a concrete jungle.

How I can forget to also post a photo of our Siti sharing about biodiversity with the public talk?


sgbeachbum said...
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sgbeachbum said...

It was fun being at the booth. There were lots of queries by members of the public. Unfortunately, many thought they could sign up for tours to Chek Jawa/Semakau at the booth.

There were even a few aunties who came by and asked "got free stuff or not?" and some pointing to the picture of the seahorse exclaimed "this one can eat!".

We did our best to educate all on the need for conservation and preservation.

The joy was meeting really small kids who were interested in the seagrass habitats and the animals!

Catch of the day was when PM came by and had a look at the display. When he figured out what it was about he asked "so how is Chek Jawa doing these days?" to wit MBT quickly answered that the condition had improved considerably since the freshwater deluge earlier in the year. Looks like everyone is up-to-date on CJ.

P.s. eh Siti, nice hairdo! when did you get a bushy afro? (see last pic of Siti speaking) HA!

Unknown said...

wow thanks Andy for sharing your experiences at the booth. Yes, we encountered lots of different people and quite a number asked how to visit those shores. For those really interested ones, we introduced them to join Teamseagrass, and handed a flyer with details of blog and our team.

It's great to hear that MBT is updated on the health of Chek Jawa. Recent floods occured at Kota Tinggi this week due to overflow of Johor river. Hope that this end of year won't be another mass death session.

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