Sunday, November 22, 2009

Design, Darwin & Dilemma

From my blog's name "God's wonderful creation", you would have probably known that I believe that there is a creator, who is God, that made all the marvellous living creatures on earth.

Today I attended a seminar by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati on Design, Darwin & Dilemma. It was an eye-opener for me!

Dr. Sarfarti shares with us how living things on earth originated from God as opposed to the view that life began from a big bang or through the primordial soup.

Though it is a common misconception that evolution is a theory about the origin of life, there are still many out there that still believes so. In fact, the theory of evolution deals mainly with how life changed after its origin rather than its origin. Still, does the theory really stand in the light of other evidences? Does the theory refute the Bible?

There were lots that Dr. Sarfati shared with us, with lots of reference to scientific discoveries like the fossilized jellyfish example. Read more about it here.

Here's another one on the soft tissue found in T rex bones. Read here to find out more.

My classmate, James, joined me in this seminar. It is important for us as christians who are becoming biology teachers to be well prepared in teaching the area of evolution with a wider scope to know the contexts of issues involved. James was compelled during the Q and A session to clarify some questions he had.

I must say that I've learnt a lot from this seminar and it has opened up my perspectives to see evolution from another direction. There's a lot more to learn, as this is only an eye-opener. Will read up more over the December break. Meanwhile, if you have questions (since this is apparently a highly debated topic), please feel free to refer to the below resources.

Official website:
Some FAQ:
If you have any questions:

Short one minute starter videos:



And longer seminar videos here:
Designed For Life-Jonathan Sarfati 1 of 7
Designed For Life-Jonathan Sarfati 2 of 7
Designed For Life-Jonathan Sarfati 3 of 7
Designed For Life-Jonathan Sarfati 4 of 7
Designed For Life-Jonathan Sarfati 5 of 7
Designed For Life-Jonathan Sarfati 6 of 7
Designed For Life-Jonathan Sarfati 7 of 7

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