Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The doves of NUS

Siyang has been very efficient on reporting the birds spotted in NUS and through him, I'm able to better appreciate that within the school, there is so much wonder we can fascinate with.

Can't resist but also to share some photos of the peaceful or zebra doves found. The last time we went the hatchings were small. Shuyi and I went to check out the nest this morning and guess what they have grown up and are about to fly anytime soon, judging from how I see them flapping their wings.

Wanted to update and follow up on SY's post and after a quick cherck, wow he has actually done the update. Cool.

Nevertheless, here you go, my photos.

The one on the right should be either their mother or father.

A closer look at the parent.

Flapping and getting ready for the launch.

And here's the video taken of the birds :-)


TS said...

Wow, that pict with the two doves side by side is nice!

Unknown said...

yup, these birds are really adorable and cute.

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