Sunday, October 23, 2011

Civets aka musang of Siglap

I have heard so much about the Common or Asian palm civets (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) at Siglap and finally found a night out with Ron and James to see them with my own eyes.

We were quite fortunate to see about 3-4 of them within a short period at dusk. Many of these civets move rather fast so we usually could see them more with our eyes than we could photograph them.

The civets are sometimes also known as the 'Toddy Cat' or 'Musang' in malay. The toddy name came about because it is apparently fond of drinking from vessels put in palm trees to collect sap for making toddy or palm sugar.

However the civet is NOT a cat. They are more closely related to hyaenas and mongooses! It can grow to a size of a large cat and it has a long tail. A fully grown adult palm civet can grow up to 137cm measuring from the tip of its tail to the nose.

To find out more about the cute civets which are Singapore's last wild urban carnivores, read this blog post:

Enjoy the other photos I took tonight below:

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