Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Semakau guiding with Brunei students

It's the last day of this week's low spring tide and I'm out at Semakau landfill guiding five students and one teacher from Brunei. There's also another host teacher from NUS High in the group of seven. We set off from Marina South Pier and when we reached Semakau landfill, the whole sky from the southwest was filled with dark clouds looming with heavy downpour and strong wind. Thank God the rain ceased after about 45 minutes and we could proceed with the walk.

To visit the intertidal area of Pulau Semakau, it is mandatory for all to cross the mosquito infested forest part. Due to the rain, many parts of the path were waterlogged with puddles.

Another "channel" to crossover will be this perpetual "longkang" or kill zone of the seagrass meadow at Semakau. As a warm up, it is a good thing to make a request for an energetic looking photo taking. Haha.

The lady in front is Ms Lee, teacher from Brunei with her students. Her initial is also LKS, exactly the same as mine. So I named her LKS1 and I am LKS2. Haha. She's a very friendly, approachable and good teacher in my opinion. She can connect with the students like friends, yet ensuring they get to learn things along the way. Am impressed with her teaching passion and love for students. I've learnt a lot from her and hopefully apply them when I get into teaching career. Oh wells, she is afraid of snakes (everyone has their weak links) and too bad we didn't encounter the handsome yellow lipped sea snake.

The special find of the day must be this adult sized cushion star (Culcita novaeguineae) which Ron found.

The reason that this sea star looks roundish is because such a size and shape may make it hard for fish predators to bite. Juveniles have a more pronounced star shape though. They can eat corals and also a variety of sessile animal growth or even organic-rich sediments.

Another starry find will be the adult sized knobbly sea star (Protoreaster nodosus) which never fails to attract the attentions of shore visitors.

July later found another knobbly sea star that we suspect that we have not seen for quite some time.

Amongst the many different types of nudibranch found today include this which may possibly be Discodoris lilacina.

Siyang who was guiding another group was engaging a battle with the flower crab using the chopstick. It refused to let go and was quite furious.

Today, it was impossible not to miss this oil rig work site where repair work will be done till 21 Aug 08. Find out more about it at the wildfilms blog.

All too soon, time past very quickly and we proceeded with the landfill tour. We saw many creatures like pretty hard and soft corals, sponges, common sea stars, noble volute, giant clam, anemones, moon snails etc etc etc.

We took a photo of the Brunei visitors at the southernmost point of Semakau towards the end of today's tour.

Hopefully, they will be inspired to do nature conservation and appreciation work when they return to Brunei. It's my pleasure to share the living shores with all these wonderful friends.

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Lara said...

a really interesting trip! thanks for sharing!

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