Thursday, October 16, 2008

My humble nature gallery at Flickr

Dear folks, I've uploaded many of my nature-related photos onto my new Flickr page. Am very excited to be able to share all these wonders with all of you through still photography. Please pardon me if any photos are not nice as I don't have spectacular cameras.

Below are the sets of photographs you can view.

My favourites (if you want me to recommend) will be Raffles Lighthouse, Beting Bronok, Cyrene Reef and very close to our hearts... East Coast Park. Though the marine life at East Coast seemed to be badly affected by silt recently, I hope that it will recover given time.

I am, you may already know, a sea star aka starfish fan. Thus, have also created a set to share with you the amusing diversity and beauty of the sea stars of Singapore!

Now, who says Singapore waters cannot support marine life?

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