Sunday, October 26, 2008

The other side of St John Island

Shore explorers like me love the different islands of Singapore because we simply have lots of marine life to boast about. However, the islands also have another side, which is the more terrestrial side.

I have been going to TMSI St John twice a week and it's a good chance to refresh myself with great scenery once in a while. St John Island is an attractive island in many aspects.

Looking across is Lazarus Island where a connector rock bund has been built to connect St John to Lazarus.

The southern islands of Singapore are within reach from the city centre in all less than an hour.

From St John, we can also get a good view of the nearby Pulau Tekukor which has very spectacular coastal landforms.

This is another part of St John that you might not seen before.

It is at the back and we can see Big Sisters Island from there.

However, the currents here are VERY strong! Though the waters can be quite clear at time, it is kind of advisable not to dive or snorkel at this part of St John.

Nevertheless, we can still admire the coastal plants alongside.

Like Alex, who is a plant lover, he immediately went down to take a good photograph of the sea hibiscus.

Sometimes when the tide is very low, we can have a good view of the fiddler crabs from the jetty.

The terrestrial side of St John is also very interesting and lovable.

There are many cats that will run towards us, meowing away, mostly to ask for food. But they are really adorable. Some of them are super shy and refuse to let you touch, but a few are quite tame.

There are also wild hen, rooster and chicks in the island!

It's a great sight to see a family of chickens.

Ask yourself this question: What do you think can eat these chickens?

Just last week, a HUGE python was found!

Here is Chee Kong, the snake expert, with the huge female python. Using him as a scale, you can guage how large it is. I've never seen such a huge snake in my life before (from the wild).

I took the rare opportunity to take a closeup photo of this gigantic snake.

In overall, TMSI is a great place for research given the peace and tranquility you can get there.

Sometimes, I get to have sightings of rare birds like the pink neck green pigeon, kites soaring in the sky and lots of little birds flying in flocks.

If you don't know, you can sometimes spot peacocks at St John too. Their cry are like cat noises.

Not at St John though, the pacific swallow (Hirundo tahitica) was spotted at Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal. They are petite and very cute.

The creation of God is all around us and we thank Him for creating these animals and plants to cheer us up everyday. It's wonderful to be able to visit St John Island and I believe other islands of Singapore also have interesting stuffs waiting for us to discover.

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