Saturday, November 1, 2008

Marina Barrage opened, Marina East sealed up?

Today is 1st November where Marina Barrage is opened with the Clean and Green Carnival. Marina Barrage consists of a dam that also doubles as a pedestrian bridge that links from Marina South to Marina East. So where is Marina East and what can we find there? Read more about my previous blog post to discover what's there.

More than a month ago, I decided to do another cycling trip there via Tanjong Rhu. I was greeted with the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and the new Singapore flyer.

Upon reaching the usual entrance of Marina East, I realized the whole place has been sealed up! It is to develop the Gardens by the Bay to create Singapore's waterfront garden.

I decided to explore the periphery of the sealed up Marina East.

And you will be surprised to find life at the opening of a drain. There were many types of fishes including the archer fish and some colourful ones. Sorry I couldn't take their photo because they were extremely shy!

Nevertheless, there were some plants that look interesting.

I'm not a very terrestrial biology person so would appreciate if any friends reading this can help id the plants/animals following this post.

It's quite fun to explore the wild garden that colonized this reclaimed area rather than wait for them to build a man-made garden.

Down by the breakwater was a type of coastal creeper that I've seen before at Sungei Punggol.

I decided to explore bit deeper between the NTUC golf course and ECP expressway.

Here is another drain that is filled with freshwater life!

On top of the tree branches are the not so common pink necked green pigeons.

Fungus are decomposers that help to ensure nutrient cycling within the ecosystem.

While looking at the shrubs, I saw some butterfly fluttering about at the yellow flowers.

I like this pinkish flowered plant!

A closer look.

Like Siyang's blog once mentioned, nature is all around us. Open your eyes and you will be amazed!

Can I ask those who have visited Marina Barrage if we can access Marina East from the pedestrian bridge on top of the dam? I would be interested to check the inside of this interesting reclaimed land again. :-)


Ria Tan said...

Wow, looks like you had a great day out too. Meanwhile, a few of us were at Marina East via the Marina Barrage! Yes, it's possible to get there via the Barrage.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Ria! Great to hear that we can access Marina East again via the barrage.

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