Tuesday, December 2, 2008

White Peacock at St John

As mentioned in my earlier post, there are peacocks in St John Island. There are the normal colourful one and also the white peacock. The white peacock is not an albino but their pigment is due to a colour mutation. I have no idea where does the ones in St John come from. Haha.

This morning, I had a close encounter with the white peacock. For my first time, I finally get to see it open up its plumage.

It is stunning! And the peacock was very cooperative, it did not run away from me.

Instead, this handsome peacock turn one big round for me to take photographs with different angles, just like a professional model!

And a wonderful frontal shot.

Soon, the peacock sort of knew I had taken enough shots and started closing up its plumage.

Hope to capture the beautiful normal peacock the next time! :-)

1 comment:

rodangeles said...

i did'nt know there was a white peacock ............ AMAZING!
thank's for the information.

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