Monday, December 8, 2008

The adorable cats from St John

At the terrestrial side of St John Island, not only there are peacocks that display their stunning plumage, there are also many adorable cats that will approach passerbys in the morning or evening for food.

And there are quite a number and variety of them living on this island. To me, their appearance is more of a greeting rather than a pursuit of cat food, maybe due to the fact that I am not the one that buy cat food for them. Haha... nevertheless they are really cute!

It's quite heart melting to see cats that are affectionate to each other!

Below are the different cats you can find at St John and there are even more, just that I didn't take their photograph.

The more popular cats, in my opinion, include this one below called Becks.

So who is Becks running to?

Yes, to Jani! Jani is a cat lover who really adores Becks because Becks is tame and doesn't run away from human when we get too close to them.

Becks is really sporting and enjoys the company of Jani carrying like a baby.

Even Yujie couldn't resist hugging Becks! Who says Becks is not popular? Haha.

As for me, my favourite cat is...

this kitten, whom I named as the leopard cat due to its black stripes on the body. It's really very cute but is ultra shy as well! Only when you feed this kitten then you will get a chance to sayang this cat. Otherwise, it will run away from you getting too close.

We also saw this just borned black kitten hiding below the tree trunk. It has very short hairs!

A closer look at this kitten reveals its blue eyes! How cute. :-)

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