Sunday, July 4, 2010

Article on Coral conservation in Singapore

I came across this article on Lianhe Zaobao this morning and it is about our corals in the southern waters.

With lots of pretty photos, the article is titled as allowing our corals to thrive in our southern waters. Despite Singapore being such a small country, or also known as a red dot on the world map, we have 256 out of the total 800 coral species in the world. That makes up about 32%!

Being very rich in our coral diversity, there is much that we can do to conserve and protect these corals from human impacts. One of which will be the setting of coral nursery to allow small coral fragments a chance to have a suitable environment to become bigger colonies before they are relocated back to their natural habitats. The article also talks briefly about intertidal environment.

Cyrene Reef is mentioned, where Collin (who is researching on seahorses) shared about his field work to monitor the seahorses and pipefishes of Cyrene.

Read more about the article by grabbing a copy of this newspaper (dated 4th July 2010).


Ria Tan said...

Thank you for posting about this great article! This will help raise awareness about the work on our wonderful reefs at Pulau Semakau and Cyrene!

shenjiaqing said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing.

shenjiaqing said...
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