Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Colours of Big Sisters shore

Our shores are pretty and colourful and murky waters really does not do them justice. On a good low tide when the waters are shallower and clearer, one can explore and discover the kaleidoscope of pretty marine life.

I have decided to go (nearly) without words for this post on my recent Big Sisters Island trip so that you can let the picture speak a thousand words. Enjoy the pictoral! :)

More about this slug on a separate post.

To end off, here is a terrestrial find of a Common Wolf Snake while walking on the island itself. :)

More photos of the trip here:

To read more about the details of the trip, here are other blog posts:
1) Ria's Wildshores of Singapore blog
2) James' Singapore Nature blog
3) Mei Lin's Psychedelic Nature blog
4) Russel's Into the Wild blog

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