Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cute variable squirrels of Bidadari Cemetery

I'm back after 2.5 weeks of NS reservist training! Itching for some nature photography, I cycled to Bidadari Cemetery yesterday afternoon as I kind of missed the cute variable squirrels.

And wow, I managed to spot three of them during my 1.5 hours there and captured several nice cute shots of them.

As mentioned before, the Variable Squirrel (Callosciurus finlaysoni) is actually a non-native, in other words, an exotic species in Singapore. According to the Wildlife Singapore website, the Variable Squirrel is native to Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam. Those seen in Singapore are actually escapees or released by irresponsible pet owners. A good population of them has actually established themselves in Bidadari.

Enjoy the following photos of the squirrels in different poses taken during the afternoon! :-)

Cute isn't it? I don't mind going back another time to find these sneaky and fast squirrels again.

More photos of the trip here:

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