Saturday, March 25, 2006

Field Trip to MacRitchie Reservoir

Today group of NUS student together with lecturers, we went to MacRitchie for a geography field trip and it was good, but not as exciting, because I've been to HSBC treetop walk and the area two times already last year. Anyway, I have friends like Jianyu, Shuying, Karen, Edwin, Jieqi and Peiling to accompany. Saw Amy also, so it's not boring in terms of company. Maybe due to the fact we spent 80% of time walking and 20% discussing about the issues by Prof Higgit, it wasn't really that productive. I still enjoyed being outdoors, soaking the sun, immersed in the greenery etc. Learnt quite some stuffs too.

Welcome to Treetop Trail

There was a controversy of water sports in reservoirs. But our water works system is so good that it doesn't really matter.

Group photo except Edwin

on top of Mosquito Ring (army term) or Jelutong Tower

There were good company...

but do watch out for your bananas!

(Credits to Shuying for her photos)

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