Saturday, July 23, 2005

I've lost count

That's right!

Been to Ubin several times, and the OBS/ODAC memory always lingerrrrr.....

Good old Puaka hill top view is still so magnificient. Haha

Woke up unwillingly at 7 plus to go Ubin with secondary school friends. Our cycling chemistry is there liao so no need to waste much time. Within the short 3-4 hours there for myself, it's enough to make me satisfied. Our first destination was the granite shore opposite Pulau Ketam. Over there, you can get a clear view of Punggol and our dearest Coney Island (Pulau Serangoon). After a series of rock throwing nonsensical game, we proceeded to the far east... Kampong Chek Jawa. High tide so nothing to see. That leads us on to the Infamous English Cottage that still stands. We wanted to get in but there were no holes in the fences. Then, an Indian security guard came out from the premises and we were surprised. I didnt know this place is now guarded. We had a nice chat with him actually and he told us young people like us like to cut holes in the fences and he has to cover it up over and over again. Then he talked about the developments of the cottage in the future (it's going to be renovated and used again, with conjuction to the board walk in front of it to lead to Chek Jawa Mangrove area). It's really interesting to hear from him different things like Pulau Sekudu. He told us weekends there will be ppl fishing there and even camping overnight...Wow! That island is so small, and it looks like its going to be submerged any time. He even told us during low tide, we can walk half way to the island... but the rest must swim, but quite a feat already. We ended our chat with his encounter with snakes and wild boars. Hehe... Very interesting. Though we couldnt get into the the building interiors, its satisfying enough to learn so much.

We proceeded to another shore site near the jetty which I favoured but was on high tide... the journey back to the jetty was quite bad. That's it..haha. Met up with Lester and we went to climb Pulau Puaka again...the highest point in Ubin. The view is great. Must go! I left promptly at 2pm for tuition afterward.

Today was very tiring, Ubin, tuition and cell group... Heheee. Gonna take a good rest tmr after my tuition in the morning. Gonna catch my sleep. Below are some photos to share.

The Gang

Initial "D" Pose

Great view from Puaka top. overseeing Mainland & Pulau Ketam (left)

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