Sunday, March 11, 2007

Singapore Botanic Garden

Yesterday was at Botanic Garden with the church and we had a great time of fellowship and getting close to nature. It was also my official first time getting around and was amazed at the vast variety of flora being planted.

Swan Lake
Peacock flower (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)
A duck trying to eat bread and a pair of lovely swans
Beautiful combination of lantana (Lantana spp.) inflorescences

Forgot to rotate. This is Yellow Saraca Tree (Saraca thaipingensis)
Fruits of elephant apple, simpoh (Dillenia indica)
Forgot to rotate again, Bottle tree (Brachychiton sterculia)
Sun Garden, full of cactus
Vanda Miss Joaquim (Singapore's national flower) - a hybrid in actual fact

Outside Orchid Garden
Primary rainforest. Other than in botanic garden, you can only find them in patches of bukit timah nature reserve and central catchment area
3 pretty girls
Fellowship and resting at the same time. Sun was hot!

Water Lily (Nymphaea pubescens)
Last but not the least, its dinner!! (not photographed to prevent your saliva from drooping)
Thank God for the day

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