Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sister's Island Creatures ID Part 2

This portion focuses mainly on the corals and some other creatures. All photos in this sections are taken by myself with my humble hp camera. Had a HARD time trying to do identifications for first time. Those with "?" mark are just guesses. Please kindly correct me if I'm wrong in any of them. Can learn from my mistakes :)

Favia coral (Family Faviidae)

Hard coral (Galaxea sp.) ?

(Updated: It is actually a favid, possibly Oulastrea, wonderful to have Ria to have identify it)

This is not a staghorn coral. Ria kindly pointed it is actually Pocillopora. Thks

Leathery corals (Family Alcyonidae)

Sponge (Porifera sp.) ?

Lobbed brain coral (Lobophyllia sp.)

Updated: Lobbed brain coral (Lophyllia sp.) is actually probably a favid, Caulastrea...but I'm not sure. The corallites forms circles and not meandering valleys so it's definitely NOT a symphylid.

Thanks Ria again.

Soft coral (Order Alcyonacea)

Leathery corals (Family Alcyonidae)


Brain coral (Symphyllia sp.)?

Sponge ?

Zoanthids (Order Zooanthidea)

Favia boulder coral (Family Faviidae)

Boulder coral (Family Faviidae)

Soft coral (Order Alcyonacea)

Phyllid nudibranch (Phyllidia pustulosa), cute!

Black sea cucumber (Holothuria leucospilota)
They spit sticky white threads in danger. These sea cucumbers are inedible.

Sap-sucking slug (Elysia sp.) feeding on seaweed

Land Hermit Crab (Cenobita cavipes) lives on land. It will drown in water!

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