Friday, May 18, 2007

Chek Jawa Recce

Today Siva and I went to Chek Jawa recce for a project to study on the mass mortality and recruitment in that place. This was mainly because the heavy rain in Jan created freshwater influx which causes osmotic pressure on these animals which eventually, many died. CJ is closed for recovery, we are able to go because we have a permit.

What a wonderful great sunrise! Thank God for the great weather... In the early morning when I woke up, it was thunderous, with a sms from Siyang that they were caught in the rain. So glad it did not persist to CJ.

Beautiful and classy sand star (Astropecten sp.)

A peacock anenome in full grace in water.

Doing measurements on these baby carpet anemones.

Striped hermit crab (Clibanarius sp.) with slipper snails (Crepidula spp.)

Great! Ivan has kindly provided the id of this fish found trapped in the pool. It's Silver Sand Whiting (Sillago silhama). Thanks!

Cake sand dollars (Arachnoides placenta), they are alive. Surrounding are button shells, gems of Chek Jawa.

Jellyfish stranded on the sandbar.

Horseshoe crab! And also alive.

Anybody know what shorebirds are these? For a closer look, pls click on the photo :)

(updated: Thanks Alvin for suggesting its a Marsh Sandpiper, but I agree with Ivan thay its more like a Grey Plover in non-breeding plumage instead, based on the short bills of the birds in the photo, thanks anyway to both!!)

Flying away...whheee

Siva's territory..mangrove!


Alvin said...

the birds could be Marsh Sandpipers. got white bellies?

Unknown said...

yup tats right... has white belly.

Thanks Alvin

Ivan said...

I've got a copy of A Guide to Common Marine Fishes of Singapore in front of me right now, the fish might be Silver Sand Whiting Sillago silhama.

As for the birds, I was thinking Grey Plover in non-breeding plumage instead, based on the short bills of the birds in the photo. Could be wrong though.

Unknown said...

thks for the id, ivan. updated my post too :)

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