Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Naked Hermit Crab preview @ Sentosa

As the sun continue to rise, we proceeded on with recce for the upcoming naked hermit crab. For more details of what are the naked hermit crab trips, pls refer to bottom of this post. This is sort of also a preview of the trips, I wont comment too much, you must can and see the different side of Sentosa yourself!

This is a scallop (Family Pectinidae) which I told our leader, Ron that he always sees it in Semakau. Haha

Large and abundant growth of the Montipora coral just outside Underwater world. What a distinction! The UWW animals are all in the tank, while the REAL underwater world that is outside at the shores are wild and growing on its own. Furthermore, they are FREE to visit, our natural heritage to enjoy. Why pay when we have ownership?

An uncommon coral found (Pavona sp.). Hope I am not wrong with the coral ids.

(update from Ria: The pavona is actually a sponge I think. If you take a closer look see if there are corallites. No corallites means sponge. Pavona has very obvious corallites- thks Ria!)

A stick insect!

More wild things ranging from hairy crabs, onch, periwinkles, anemones waiting for you to discover.

The Tanjong Rimau beacon is about to break apart! Oh my.

(updated) Thanks JC for identifying it as Golden Jack (Gnathanodon speciosus), I do agree more with Ivan its a Bengal Sergeant (Abudefduf bengalensis) for he explains since the Golden Jack has a stripe over the eyes, however the fish in the photo lacks it. Also the size of these fishes are quite small, which matches to the Bengal Sergeant that grows up to 14cm long only.

Nevertheless, thanks to all!

Sentosa is one of the best place for a living geography lesson! Their geology is really magnificient, you can learn about caves, stacks, corrosion, attrition, hydraulic action etc type of coastal processes all in one place! They are also landslides etc evident.

These caves are blocked by blocks of rock to prevent collapse.

These are colonial anenomes or zoathids. They are beautiful in a pool.

Raffles pitcher plants (Nepenthes rafflesiana) in 3 forms, the specialised leaves or the pitcher itself, the fruits that look like miniature bananas and its flower. What a great way to learn them.

The lower pitcher here has an insect drowning after looking into it. It's really a beauty. PLEASE do not bring them home to grow. They thrive only in the wild and there is a heavy penalty if you do that! Please leave them in their natural form for all to see :)

The ever famous Broken soul cliff can perhaps be expressed with a hanging branch if you look closely at the photo...

or by the stack that is created here broken from the sea cliff. What great ways to learn geography here to see them with your own eyes.

Tongkat Ali.. something you might be interested to take a look at how it actually looks like.

MORE can be seen, just that will take forever to blog. You can join us thru naked hermit crab trips.

Quick details of the walk

Dates: 5 Jun 07, Tue (Family Trail) and 6 Jun 07, Wed (Adventure Trail)
Time: Starts 7.30am for both dates
Duration of walk: Family Trail=1.5 hours, Adventure Trail=2.5 hours.
Cost: $5 per person (does not include Sentosa entrance fees and charges)
Exact details on meeting point will be provided to those who register for the walks

How to sign up?

Just email with "Sentosa Walk" in the subject line and these details
(a) Name and contact of lead person
(b) Number of adults
(c) Number and age of children
(d) Date of walk you wish to join
Please sign up by 25 May 07 (Fri) so that we can finalise details.

More details over here:

See you there!


JC said...

The fish look like a Golden Jack, Gnathanodon speciosus

Unknown said...

thanks JC for the id! will update it

Ivan said...

I was thinking Bengal Sergeant (Abudefduf bengalensis) instead, since the Golden Jack has a stripe over the eyes, which the fish in the photo lack.


What a fun morning I had with you guys, it's sad this beautiful place will disappear soon. =(

Unknown said...

thanks for the id, something i wont bother too much to find out due to plain laziness.

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