Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Labrador in black and white

Labrador in black and white exudes a charm. A rustic charm that gives a hint of what mainland Singapore used to be like: natural coastlines full of coral reefs. Rich in corals, fishes, sea stars, anemonefishes.

This is our last mainland natural rocky shore. Such a small stretch of our natural heritage contains life that is resilient. Resilient to the different impacts ranging from sedimentation, nearby dredging, poaching, trampling, pollution, dumping of trash and the list goes on.

Perhaps when the shore couldn't put on with the fight anymore, we will then begin to question ourselves why would a nature reserve suffer such a state. Everything will turn into history, just like this black and white photograph. Will Labrador survive in the long term?

Do we have to lose something precious in order to appreciate it?

Photograph taken by Feng Yikang with Canon FTB camera and Kodak T-max 3200 film.

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