Saturday, February 28, 2009

What to do in a shelter during rain?

Lightning and thunder usually compells nature explorers to seek for shelter. It forces us to pause or end our trips, which was likewise for our Pasir Ris shore trip last Wednesday.

While we were waiting in the shelter, Wanwei who was late arrived. She was dressed in her well prepared poncho, which is a must get for shore explorers for wet weather is usually an unpredictable thing.

Staying cheerful, like Wanwei, is definitely an asset when the downpour descented.

I will always remember our very first trip to Pasir Ris where it rained really heavily in the middle of the trip. Geraldine, Ivan, Liana and Khairul (not in this photo) was with me that day. Geraldine showed in this photo that an umbrella is also useful during wet weather but when the wind gets too strong, it will probably be useless.

So what do you do when you are stuck in the shelter waiting for the wet weather to go away?

Do weird things like Henrietta?

Actually she was feeling cold and therefore the thrash bag over her like a mummy. Indeed, she felt warm and a bit too warm that she took it off after a while.

But don't you think she look like she is enjoying the attention?

Of course, everyone were amused by this new "black monster" stuck in the shelter.

Wen Qing instead was more productive. She spent the hour long stuck there to look out for details... yes details of life. And from there, we uncovered a series of different insects, bugs and creepy crawlies. I'm afraid I don't have the expertise to id most of the creatures. Pls help me if you know.

First, Wen Qing showed us her find of the skink. Skinks belong to the lizard family and they also do drop their tails to distract predators (autotomy).

Next was this crawling centipede.

Closeup of the centipede.

A juvenile cockroach.

A fly.

Dead wasp.

What made Wen Qing crawl down to take photographs?

It was this pretty caterpillar that not only captured her attention but also my heart.

The closeup of this pretty caterpillar reveals what seems to be water droplets. Are those really water droplets?

There were many more caterpillars of different kinds sighted!

Like this in pinkish red. It has a different looking underside.

Yes, it's underside was green. The caterpillar was crawling so fast that it was not easy to take photographs of them.

There was this another caterpillar in brown and white coloration.

And its underside.

Last but not the least, another kind of caterpillar.

Well, at least the rain kind of opened my eyes that an ordinary shelter belonging to a park can house so many different kinds of creatures.

How wonderful and how amazing. Next time while you take a rest at these park shelters, probably you should open you eyes more to look out for life!

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