Saturday, May 2, 2009

Colourful fiddler crabs of Chek Jawa

Today after the Teamseagrass field session at Chek Jawa, Mei Lin and I went to check out the mangrove boardwalk.

To some, walking through a nature boardwalk may seem dead boring, but you will be surprised at some of the most colourful fiddler crabs if you look closer and wait longer.

The mangroves of Chek Jawa is probably the best accessible mangroves to find lots of fiddler crabs.

And probably also the best assortment of colourful fiddler crabs!

Among the usual fiddler crabs, there were also those that come in electrifying colours. Like this one in orange and red.

I totally fell in love with these crabs because I have never seen a crab so colourful with different combinations of bright colours! Red eyestalks, orange and light blue and black carapace, and light blue chela etc.

These neon-ish crabs definitely stands out!

This particular crab is a male because it has a bigger claw than the other. Somehow, they really look like aliens to me. It's so out of the world feeling.

More different colour combinations of fiddler crabs found at the mangroves of Chek Jawa.

In white, light blue and red, orange and black...

More electrifying colours of neon pink, blue, red and orange.

These guys are mainly black but their claws are differently coloured.

There are also crabs that were ultra shy and kept darting back to their burrows at my presence.

While photographing the crabs, some mudskippers still leaped pass my field of view. Quite interesting!

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Alexander said...

Good observations and thanks for sharing this wonderful captures. Nature is always full of excitement and mystery. This is a great blog.

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