Thursday, May 28, 2009

Of hermit and feather

I realized that I left out a couple of animals from the previous two blog posts on Beting Bronok (BB) and Pulau Sekudu, both northern shores.

This animal from BB is a hermit crab spotted by Chay Hoon. We have not seen such a hermit before.

What is so special about this hermit is that it has blue spots on two of its pincers facing front. And at the edge of the big blue spot is a black dot. It has cute orange eye stalks with a yellow tip each at the edge of the eye stalk.

Hermit crabs have 2 sets of feelers. The two longer feelers are called antennae and the two shorter feelers are called antennules. As you can see, both sets of feelers are also blue in colour.

The next animal will be this featherstar found by Ron at Pulau Sekudu. An interesting fact about this multi-armed echinoderm will be that it is the only echinoderm with its mouth facing upwards unlike its sea stars and brittle stars counterpart.


Ria Tan said...

WOW! That's a super special hermit! Great sighting!

budak said...

also saw one of this funny hermit. pic on flickr

Unknown said...

BB is just too amazing! Lots of rare and new creatures waiting to be discovered.

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