Friday, June 12, 2009

Semakau Public Walk on 12 June

6am and we are off to Semakau again! Woohoo!

My post today will be really short and sweet as I am frantically packing for my Lembeh diving trip, leaving tomorrow morning.

Before the sun actually came out from the east, there was already this glow on the cloud towards the west reflecting the rising sun's rays.

In no time, the red egg yolk-like sun took a peek out from Pulau Jong.

And the phototaking franzy began again!!

My group today is the Pufferfish! A very group setting from yesterday's family themed group, with nice people from different working background. We all love sunrise and how can we miss taking a group photo with the sunrise?

And as we kept walking, the sunrise turned orangey and really magnificent.

After a good morning warm up walk along the road, we hit the forested area of the old Semakau which is a must to walk through to get to the shores.

And we see light at the end of the canopy tunnel, now out at the seagrass lagoon! I must say my group is probably the most enthusiastic group I've ever guided. This photo tells it all. :-)

Not only are they enthusiastic, patient in listening and safety-abiding, they have a keen eye as well! This juvenile cushion star (Culcita novaeguinea) was not found by our hunter seekers but by one of our participants whom I'm apologetically forgotten who. :P

Finding a rare sea star is definitely one of the best rewards in the shores and I'm really thankful to my group for that! It was a different one from yesterday's trip somemore.

This is the underside of the cushion star.

And I also do find creatures as well which include this really pretty mama seahorse. It was swimming in the tidal pool when it caught my attention.

We walked around the coral reef area with the not-so-low tide today and witnessed lots of different kinds of corals like this hard coral called the brain coral.

And also this soft coral as well.

Another special find that I have also found will be this pink spotted sea cucumber that I've not seen on our southern shores for a long long time.

Here's another group photo of my happy team at the coral reef area. :-)

The hunter seekers also did a good job and they found lots of other critters such as nudibranchs, flatworms, moon snails etc etc. But echinoderms still fascinate me like this stonefish sea cucumber which has a smooth surface and nice patterns.

And for the finale star attraction will definitely be the starfish! The knobbly sea star!

In fact, Ron our hunter seeker found not one but two, somemore in different colours :P

As we were walking around the coral rubble, we saw about three of the huge pretty noble volute snails laying eggs.

And just at the seagrass lagoon itself, I had yet one more surprise find, the spider conch. :-) With two eyes peering at us.

Passing by the sponge city, we headed back as the intertidal trip is almost over.

But wait wait, one more group photo.. haha with me inside. Thanks Agnes for the phototaking.

Thanks my group for such a wonderful morning. I truly enjoyed guiding the Pufferfish group today. I hope you all enjoyed today as well.

If you were there with me today, feel free to download the photos I've posted up on this blogpost. I have purposely enlarged the sizes :-) And also feel free to leave some comments as well, will love to hear from you all again.

AND as for now, back to packing for my trip! Be back one week later for more low tide adventures in Singapore. I may also blog about my dive trips along the way so watch out for it.


Unknown said...

Hi Kok Sheng
One cant help but Praise God for the wonderful creation we saw at the island. Also reflecting how the Lord provides for these creatures even in challenging environments. A reminder that we are more precious that these creatures and God cares for us.

Unknown said...

Hi Swee Lin,

I'm happy to hear from you!

Yup, if God can care for these creatures, He cares even more for us. Because He made us in His image and created us for His pleasure.

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