Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sea fans overdose at Changi

At the lowest of the lowest tides ever possible, one can take a peek at what lies beneath the murky waters of Changi. Murky doesn't mean lifeless!

Look at this! I was totally overdosed with sea fans this morning at Changi! Today must be one of the most exciting intertidal trip because I am a fan of sea fans (duh). After Ria blogged about the sea fan garden, I have been waiting for today to come to see them for myself. Joining me are Agnes and Siyang. :-)

Today's tide went to the lowest ever possible for the year.

During this lowest of the ever low tide, lots of colourful sea fans make a short appearance at the waters. There were even more thicker patches of sea fans at the subtidal area from a peek of it.

I'll just let the photos convince you of the beauty of the sea fans at Changi.

Many of the sea fans are just thick in growth.

In the water, their polyps are extended outwards, making a fluffy appearance to the sea fans. Sea fans are like corals, being a colony of many animals.

And their shape just looks like a fan.

More sea fans. Though its an overdose, I never get sick of them at all. The whole trip I was just so marvelled by their beauty!

More sea fans beyond the low-water mark at the super low tide. If only Changi waters is clear for diving or snorkelling, that will be perfect. But I wonder if the sea fans like the murkiness to survive?

Nevertheless, today we did not even need to swim to see them!

They come in different colours are previously seen, and including this one in white.

And this stunning blue coloured sea fan. I don't recall seeing a blue one before in Singapore intertidally.

Sea fans are good hiding places for animals like this fish.

And this half beak.

Also including the elbow crab.

Though this looks bit junky, there's life on this orange sea fan.

It is a strange living bivalve that I've not seen before.

But the prettiest animal on the sea fans must be the spindle cowrie (Family Ovulidae)!

This cowrie is just so pretty with yellow dots on its red mantle.

I wish I can be back on the shores again to experience the transient super low tide again with these stunning sea fans in the sea fan garden.


Ria Tan said...

WOW! That's amazing Kok Sheng! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos and sightings. The blue sea fan is so cool. And all those ovulids! This is very exciting!

I think that bivalve is the winged oyster. So far I've only seen it at BB.

April Lorier said...

Just goes to show, Koksheng, that God's creation is awesome, even underwater!
April Lorier of Christian Nature

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