Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 new nature blogs to check out!

There has been a raising awareness about nature and much of that will not be possible with the role of nature blogs spreading awareness through photos, videos and words in different ways from different authors. Almost anyone who is computer literate can blog and blogging is just like expressing yourselves, sharing about things that you do not just enjoy for yourself.

Recently, there has been a great proliferation of new nature blogs being started up and I cannot resist not talking and sharing about these great blogs here! There are 10 of them for you to take a look, and each of them has high potentials to become a great blog. Most of them has a slight focus on marine life in Singapore.

As always heard, the numbering of blogs here does not indicate ranking.

The first blog to highlight is Mei Lin's Pyschedelic Nature blog. Mei Lin is a great addition of shore explorers team and she does science too, even with her first scientific publication already out. She is conscientious in updating her blog posts within one or two days after the trip.

Visit her Pyschedelic Nature: http://psychedelic-nature.blogspot.com/

The next blog will be yet another friend I've known from the Marine Lab and She's Kaiying aka Janette. Her Nature Calls blog is always well updated with lots of photos taken from the trip. Janette dives quite frequently and she recently started exploring our shores during low tide. I hope she continues to do it for the long term and shares with us more about our wonderful natural heritage!

Visit her Nature Calls: http://janette-to-nature.blogspot.com/

This blog was first made known to us just today! And it is James Koh's new blog called Singapore Nature. James is also another new shore explorer whom we think has fell in love with our shores. He is very diehard and comes most if not almost all of the trips despite having to wake up everyday at unearthly hours. Most importantly, he is a photographer in profession and takes wonderful photographs. Nice and friendly in personality, and in addition he is good at spotting rare stuffs, James's new growing interest will definitely make his blog a good read about his great finds.

Visit his Singapore Nature: http://sgn090608.blogspot.com/

Thanks to Luan Keng who constantly encourages her RMBR volunteers to blog, we have 7 new blogs up too as below! Some of the blogs may have existed for some time already, but to me they are new because I wasn't aware of some blog's existence until recently :P

The first one of the seven will be Henrietta's Running with the Wind blog. Henrietta is very active and responsible volunteer and what I admire from her is that she gives no qualms about speaking up for what she sees is wrong. She also blogs very detailed too!

Visit her Running with the Wind: http://tubefeetlocomotion.blogspot.com/

Another active volunteer will be Mindy and her Spotlight's on Nature blog. Mindy, to me, is an intelligent lady. Not only does she blog about some of her trips, she also writes about other issues about conservation, science and nature. Her photos are also very nicely presented as well!

Visit here Spotlight's on Nature: http://sunflecksurfer.wordpress.com/

The next RMBR volunteer with a new blog will be Meiyi's Explore the Other Side! blog. Meiyi has been blogging consistently since last year and I do hope she maintains it that way. Simple blogs with photos that speaks a thousand words. I only found out this blog today :P Sorry Meiyi, hope it's not too late.

Visit her Explore the Other Side!: http://appreciateandlove.blogspot.com/

Next up will be Agnes's Journey of all Sorts blog which she pens it as her personal blog. Good thing is that she did label nature trips as Guided walks so here's her url with the correct label below. Anyway, Agnes to me is a person whom is very excited about the marine life of our shores and doing much exploration recently including guiding as well.

Visit her Journey of all Sorts: http://jumpingnomad.wordpress.com/category/guided-walks/

This greenish blog belongs to Wen Qing! It is named as Hand in hand with the Big M. Wen Qing takes spectacular photos and writes so very detailed about each creature in her blog. Such quality stuffs usually suffers from a backlog of posts waiting to be written since it takes lots of time. Hope WQ you can catch up and I look forward to read more of your accounts.

Visit her Hand in hand with the Big M: http://midori-no-michi.blogspot.com/

This blog that I also only found out this week belongs to Eunice and it is entitled NaturallYours. Eunice also takes very nice photos and she has took lots of pride into putting up such a beautiful blog design. Wow. I'm impressed.

Visit her NaturallYours: http://naturallyours.blogspot.com/

Last but not least, will be Ying Wei's new nature blog called Illuminate. She has recently done a debut post on her visit to the reclaimed land of Tanah Merah and hopefully more new posts will flood this blog, which I will also look forward to read.

Visit her Illuminate: http://tetraodon.blogspot.com/

Wow, that's a lot of new and not-so-new blogs! Sadly, there also some older nature blogs that stopped updating with new posts for a long long time, some have been axed or killed by their authors. My number one wish for blogs will be that it will persist for a long time. Posts doesn't have to be that regularly, so long as once in a while the blog is still alive with new posts.


April Lorier said...

Welcome to all ten of your listed bloggers! I do hope they enjoy blogging as much as I do. God's Wonderful Creation is wonderful to write about.
April Lorier

Ria Tan said...

Wow, thanks Kok Sheng for compiling these very interesting and inspiring blogs.

These efforts do go a long way in reaching out for our wonderful wildlife and wild places!

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