Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Sorry Folks!.... for the outfield bashing

This morning, Jianyu, Gun Kiat, Liyuan, JJ and I went to the HSBC Treetop walk and then to the "mysterious" or you can say historical ruins of the Shinto Shrine, Syonan Jinjia. As known, Singapore was named Syonan-To during the Japanese occupation, and that is where the name is derived for the shrine. It was a grand and fine shrine of the Japanese with a majestic bridge across the reservoir. However, they destroyed the shrine by dropping a bomb after they were defeated. What is left are ruins of bits and pieces. The location is so "geographical strategic"! It sits opposite the reservoir and surrounding it are the water bodies. There is a dam that connect to it indirectly, and is near enough, but the dam consists of just stone boulders placed wide apart the gap of reservoir water body... no one is able to jump across unless you do an accurate and far standing broad jump above them.

We all didnt predict the trip in search of Syonan Jinja can be so tough. At first, the trail looks fairly easy. It gets a bit tougher when we hiked inwards, where no one will venture unless you are going to the shrine itself. Lots of dead falls lie across the already squeezy mud trail. After much effort we reached the elusive shrine. As documented by Hey! Singapore, we could find the flight of stairs, purification basin and here and there stuffs. The journey inwards was already quite physically exhausting, so we suggested not walking back and continued westward to the other exit, never to realise the challenges that lies ahead. This time, the trails are much tougher, and you cant make out where to walk.. Thank God there are kind people who placed plastic bags and spray paint marking on the trees so we can follow their trail out. Many times we had to backtrack and do some stunts that we usually do during scout outfield infiltration, including crossing of streams. By the time we were FINALLY out, shagged already.. LOL.

Well, this is the result of my insistent of going to the place I always wanted to go. Hahaa.. Felt guilty to drag them along to suffer.

We settled down to rest for a while before proceeding to Jelutong Tower aka Mosquito Ring. It's tall and we dragged ourselves to go up. Hahaa...After a mini photo session, we continued walking, feeding tortoises in the reservoir, etc etc..before endex, or end of exercise. Hahaa.. Just at that time, something awful happened to me.. ok skip that. We ended up at Thomson Plaza for lunch, n I ate the worst meal of the year, even considering I was very hungry. lol. Jianyu, Liyuan and JJ left without going to Gunz's house cos...too tired. Haha.. My fault.

Only me went to Gunz's house and Daryl joined it. We had a few rounds of pool and chatting here and there. Then I dyed my hair for the first time. Dun worry, not obvious one. First time don't dare to try anything too visible or striking. The bus 67 trip back was great...cos the bus driver drove well with adequate speed. That's all for the busy day. Feeling sleepy cos of today's activity and bad sleep last time (kena mosquitoes...).

Thanks to all who went thru today's "ordeal" with me. Appreciate it.

Photos below>>>

Ecstatic. Can u see the three behind also? They must be thinking I'm mad.

Inside the shrine ruin, with the purification basin

Strange coin like structures on the ground

Huge holes dug from the ground by treasure hunters in search of Yamashita's gold

Group photo on the long flight of stairs upward to the shrine. Can you decipher what I'm doing? Yes, I'm doing navi with map and compass. Heee

The way out with a series of bashing... serious siah!

Out finally, near Petaling Hut

Will the golf ball hit us?

Come on! you can do it... the bread is on your way.

Finally a full force photo at the top of Jelutong Tower

On roof of Gunz's house, with the not-so-visible new hair colour

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