Monday, January 7, 2008

Along the western tracks

In Singapore where life gets real busy, there lies a forgotten railway track that used to carry goods to Jurong Industrial Estate decades ago.

Nearby, nature has taken back over much of the piece of land that used to be the railway track.

It is common to see the wild yam plant with very huge sized leaves. This one has these red stuffs. I don't know are these their seeds or fruits?

Another plant that has red fruits.

There are many birds in the vicinity. This one I don't know what species is it.

But the Common Flameback woodpecker was spotted as well, just that I have no photos to share.

This is the silloulette of Racquet-tailed Drongo.

Even Casuarina trees took over the abandoned track by growing in it. (Photo by Shuyi)

Full glorious morning glory that open healthily in bright purple colour.

Where puddles of water accumulate, you will find aquatic plants growing.


Jen said...

Hi, I have a question. 6 pictures up from the bottom, the plant with small red seeds, what kind of plant is that. I have it but I can't figure out what it is.


Unknown said...

Hi Jenny I have no idea too! Sorry!

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