Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Sentosa attraction that I go to

Sentosa, or formerly Pulau Blakang Mati, is basically an island to attract tourist or locals who want to have their time spent at an artificial beach. Funny speaking, nature has its way to get back to our misdoings. Quite a number has been badly injured by stonefish as beachgoers ignore the dangers of being barefooted while wading in murky waters.

Nevertheless I respect God's creations and am always pleasantly surprised from every trip that I made to visit the wild shores at other parts of Sentosa that most people won't visit. These spots are the reason why I have been visiting Sentosa for the past few times. The attraction I want to visit instead, which of charge!

It is a place where kingfishers are found resting and looking for food...

Where you can also find little tiny revealing arms of brittlestars in sponges...

Where you find some action packed scenes...

Where you say hi to eunice, our giant reef worm grabbing a seaweed meal...

where the legendary tongkat ali grows too.

Unfortunately, work for the IR has began on the shore that used to be home to corals of at least hundreds year old.

Just in front of the work, glad to still see shorebirds around.

And again this beautiful collared kingfisher.

What does this tell you?

It's related to this blob swimming...

Yes its a cuttlefish. Well, it did entertain three of us: Siyang, Fiona and me.

Somehow, I like the peacock anemone of the southern shores. Perhaps I was a bit tired of the northern ones :P

The last time I saw this flatworm was at Kusu :-)

Lots of other attractive crabs and a lonely cowrie.

More lovely crabs, motionless for us to take a photo. How nice!

Bracts of the male flowers of tapeseagtass which released the pollen Siyang spotted.

Last shot for this post: Sponge castle vs Human condominium.

Wanna know more about this Sentosa attraction?

To be continued- anemones (and related animals) and corals of Sentosa coming soon!

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