Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Sentosa attraction that I go to (Part II)

Low tide means time to go out and play! In this part II continuation from the previous post, would like to share on some of the corals, anemone, and anemone related marine creatures found during the recent Sentosa trip to Tanjong Rimau and the shore near Underwater world.

I was quite baffled to see quite a few of these favid boulder corals have a hole where seaweed grow out from. Looks intriuging.

This is a brain coral that looks like it has a maze on it. These corals are not stones or plants or minerals but animals. You may have even heard before that they are like HDB flats with many occupants living in it. Same for these corals, many individual polyps live within them.

In front of Underwater world we have corals in the wild, free of charge for you to appreciate!

And there's just a huge patch of branched montipora coral where you may even find seahorse sheltering within them if you are lucky.

It's amazing to see different types of corals just at a small location. Singapore, being a tiny red dot, amazingly has 32% of world's coral species. Wow.

Zoathids and corals make up the coral reef.

View of huge corals with the evening background.

And many more corals that belongs to the shore of this touristy island.

Now over to anemones! This is a phymanthus anemone with its frilly tentacles.

Hmm... this one is a little interesting, retracted one. Looks like a phymanthus too bad no idea eventually. Is speckled with white dots on the exterior body.

There are quite a number of Haddon's carpet anemones at the shore too! And where there are these anemones, you can also find the commensal anemone shrimps which are real pretty, especially when their body are almost transparent.

And the large Carpet anemone (Stichodactyla mertensii) was still there.

This one too still have the resident anemone shrimps.

And the baby resident nemo has grown a bit! Heartened to see that it is still doing well. Hope the IR reclamation work won't stretch all the way to this remaining portion of the shore.

Night fell, a group photo of the trio before we head for dinner to fill our empty stomach.

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