Monday, January 28, 2008

Snake vs Toad

Would like to share on this snake vs toad encounter. According to Sijie, this snake is the Striped Keelback (Xenochrophis vittatus).

According to the Snakes of Southeast Asia website,

"The Striped Keelback inhabits moist, lowland agricultural areas, gardens and leafy suburbs. It is diurnal and often active in the mornings, and feeds mainly on frogs and fishes. It is generally terrestrial in habit, but sometimes may climb low shrubs.

On the dorsal surface are four pale yellow-brown stripes against a black background : these persist along the entire length of the body and tail. The chin, lips, neck and all ventral scales are distinctively barred black and white.

The species occurs in Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi. In some remaining grassy areas of Singapore it is locally common, but is considered an introduced species."

There are ongoing action for quite a long time between the prey and the predator.

Apparently, the snake refused to let go of the Asian toad where it bit one side of the toad's head. The toad tried very hard to shake the snake off by doing circular leapings, but to no avail.


pamela said...

did you take these photos? it must be absolutely fascinating to watch these two go at it live!

Unknown said...

They were taken by my friends. I was there and the whole thing is action packed. Haha

Unknown said...

haha what happened in the end? just curious..

anyw nice blog! Im just some random visitor.

Unknown said...

Hi Eunice, I didn't stay on to watch the ending despite the action was still ongoing after 30mins.

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