Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glorious sunset over Pasir Ris

Last Thursday was the last evening low tide for this season till August/September. Henrietta, Samuel, Wanwei, Ze Lin and I were at Pasir Ris.

We witnessed a glorious sunset from the intertidal flat! It was a great way to end the half-year evening tide trips. It is time to welcome predawn trips where one has to drag him or herself during wee hours to catch the low spring tide.

We had some time exploring the shore and found out there were several anemones.

There are several large carpet anemones (Stichodactyla haddoni) though we couldn't find any of the delightful anemone shrimps.

To match the glorious sunset will be the peacock anemones (Order Ceriantharia).

The peacock anemones are like flowers on the shore with different stunning colours and patterns.

This weird looking stick-like thing is not a thrash stuck on the substrate but an animal. This is a sea pen and it is related to corals and anemones under Phylum Cnidaria. This sea pen is rather different from the other common ones we see on the shores as it looks like a satay stick at the top. It is likely to be a Slender sea pen (probably Virgularia sp.).

The primary polyp stiff at the centre is long and slender. At the sides are leaf-like structures without spikes on the edge.

At this shore in particular, I keep encountering this pale and skinny looking mudskipper which Ivan thinks it could be bearded mudskipper (Scartelaos histophorus). Thanks for the id Ivan.

Of course, a glorious sunset is great opportunity for a group photo! I like this photo a lot and it sort of signifies vibrancy.


Ivan said...

Like I commented the other time, could it be bearded mudskipper (Scartelaos histophorus)?


Unknown said...

I am truly forgetful Ivan...haha. Thanks for your patience to show me again :-)

Abhishek Kumar said...

Hey, great pictures! I Didnt know pasir ris has such a wonderful beach! I'm new to Singapore and all I've been to, is Sentosa. Maybe after seeing the wonderful pics here Ill go over to Pasir Ris next time, thanks :)

Hen said...

Yay great group shot (and good photographer)! :D The space on my right is for Wen Qing..lol. Thot you were going to photoshop her in there.. Haha..

Unknown said...

Yes! Life is everywhere,even at "man-made" Pasir Ris Park.

Though it was reclaimed a long time ago, creatures can still come back.

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