Monday, March 16, 2009

Tuas and beyond

Finally the final of the four posts of the Tuesday Tuas trip. Here I will share with you all some nice landscape photos of this charming shore and beyond.

The Merawang beacon tells of its past as Pulau Merawang. I have no idea what has the island become of but judging for the GPS coordinates of the island's original location, it has been reclaimed together with Tuas. The remaining natural shore we enjoy now is what is left that belongs to the original island. A heritage that we do not want to lose forever.

Just beyond the beacon, there is an island nearby that looks like it belongs to Singapore. However it belongs to Malaysia. The shore has plentiful of nice shore and unique terraced rocky beach and Ria has done a post on this island on her wildfilms blog. I can see mangroves from this photo too!

It is heartening to know that the Save our Seahorses team is monitoring the shores over at this island. I wonder if I'll ever get a chance to take a look at this interesting island. Do click on the picture to see a larger image.

Later on, there was a thunderstorm coming from the north. The Tuas 2nd link is at the background.

At the same time, there was a spectcular sunset just round the corner towards the south!

How could these two contrasting events occur together?

This is a panoramic photo of the whole landscape connected together from seven photographs. The beauty of nature is emphasized with both storm and glorious sunset occuring at the same time as seen from Tuas shore. Click to see the larger image!

The sunet over Merawang beacon is simply breathtaking. You just can't believe this is Singapore since we are well known to be a concrete jungle. Let's hope this place stays this way!


Jia said...

Hi there,
How do you get to the beacon? I went to the raffles marina area but could not find a way to the shore as it was entirely fenced up. I hope to hear from you soon as i am looking to catch the low spring tide tomorrow evening. Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

Hi Jia Huan, the shore is not accessible to the public. There is an access from Schering Plough. As S.P. has a volunteer programme to monitor seagrasses on that shore, we as part of Team Seagrass are able to accompany them to the shore. Otherwise you can't get down unless you seek the approval of Schering Plough or gain the permit to do so.

Jia said...

I see.. Thank you Kok Sheng! Will choose another shore to visit instead

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