Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weird blob is a sea slug!

Remember this blob-creature found at Tanah Merah that I thought was an egg case?

It is a sea slug!

With the advice from Chay Hoon, I submitted the photos to The Sea Slug Forum for Dr. Bill Rudman to take a look.

He gave a reply within a day and that was really fast!

This sea slug is from the Philine genus. The wedge-shape and muscular body of this sea slug are modified for burrowing.

In addition to having an internal shell, it also has gizzard plates which are crushing plates in the oral cavity to feed on other molluscs. Click here to take a look at the shell and plates.

Dr Bill gives a close-up on this interesting sea slug and detailedly accounts it in his forum. Read here to learn more about this rare slug.

1 comment:

peizee said...

what a blob. doesn't look nudi-ish at all. CH's really observant.

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